Songs to Scream at Oligarchs

by harryoftheEarth

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released May 1, 2016




harryoftheEarth Urbana, Illinois

Raised in Maine.
Pursuing a PhD in ecological physics at the University of Illinois.

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Track Name: Divestment Anthem
500 campuses all in a line
working for change it will come in due time
if we all stick together then the movement will rise
the line has been drawn now you must pick a side

there were a few months when i was drowning in fear
a tide of hopelessness and an ocean of tears
'til i found some friends who shared a common cause
we shouted at the protest 'til all our throats were raw

the storm's coming
the storm's coming
dark clouds are overheard and i feel like i've been left for dead
the storm's coming

2013's when i joined the campaign
at the university of illinois urbana-champaign
it's true that our school has a really long ass name
i'm surrounded by corn fields, flat land, and football games

this is our message to the university
it's wrong and it's rude and it's dumb and it's mean
coal's value bleeds cuz it'll never be clean

climate change is real and it's something to fear
we're really fucking up the atmosphere
it's a war on animals and our friends in the global south
and now we've place the gun squarely in our own mouths

the storm's coming
the storm's coming
the planet is under siege and soon to be beneath the sea
the storm's coming

divestment will work it helped end apartheid
the coal stocks will drop if we invest them in other ways
and with every step we take we take back the world they stole
we'll never stop the fight for a world beyond coal
Track Name: Green Again
i wish that the earth was green again
plant a tree restore the land
wrestled from the bastard's hands
iron crosses turn to sand
end the tyranny of man

i wish that the night was dark again
smash the headlights of the cars
until we can see the stars
warm our hands upon the fire
at the wreck of empire

i wish that the rivers were clean again
i'll wade through them
i'll drink from them
i can't wait for them
to be clean again
Track Name: Earth Day
soul light beckons me
i feel like i should be a tree

earth day is today
the tree frog does not care

don't be scared
even if everything dies
life will rise again
Track Name: Insects
i don't mind the taste of wine
deep beneath the scented pines
watch you dance in the river's flow
wearing in your summer clothes

read the book expand your mind
behind the veil is a filthy life
beneath my eye it withers and dies
the question is what's left behind

fall asleep with a fuzzy feel
wake up do stuff let's spin the wheel
crammed it all then i crammed more
couldn't quite fit spilled on the floor

insects are crawling over me
and i think i like it
mosquito take my blood
take my everything

defy the foot

ice cream cake and red balloons
children's laughs and fathers' wounds
birthdays come and birthdays pass
nothing's lost and nothing lasts

take the drug expand your mind
pull back the rug what do you find?
it turns out you were only standing on air
the question is whether you care

inside of me is a spinning wheel
it turns no matter how i feel
it moves slower than i can think
life is best when we're in sync

insects are crawling over me
and i think i like it
come with me we'll swim in truth
into the deep end

defy the foot
Track Name: Black Suits and Red Ties
my name is halliburton
i'm a corporation but you can call me a person
i make weapons like tanks,
guns, knives, ballistics, and hand grenades
but how am i supposed to make a living
if america decides it's time to stop killing?
who will buy my drones?
if we stop throwing bombs like we're skipping stones

and the bodies are burning
the war machine keeps turning
too many lives we've lost
our humanity is the cost
paid at the altar of profit
from the comfort of their offices
rain terror from the skies
black suits and red ties

my name is mr. senator
i swear i care about the people of this earth
i represent the country
but you didn't see the 100 Gs that Hal gave me
i wake up every day
walk up to the podium and i say
that we must spread democracy
every real american knows that war is peace

and the bodies are burning
the war machine keeps turning
too many lives we've lost
our humanity is the cost
paid at the altar of profit
occupy the oval office
shut down their enterprise
black suits and red ties

where do i go from here?

for a better world i'm yearning
and slowly i'm learning
power comes when we unite
together we will rise
join hands and occupy